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Optiver Amsterdam | High frequency trading company hiring C++ software engineers. | Fulltime, Onsite, we can arrange work visas.

Optiver is a well established market making company utilizing an in-house built HFQ trading system. We are seeking smart developers who are willing to step outside the boundaries of a classical developer position. Ideal candidates are willing to interact with, guide other departments, learn about trading, and eventually contribute their own ideas in the functional as well as the technical space. Writing code is not in itself a goal, but a means to get our work done better.

We have various positions open ranging from quite technical to more business focused developers. Tasks include market connectivity development, internal data access systems, algorithmic trading framework and trading algorithm development and data analysis. We are hiring for all positions and levels. Details on the different positions available here: http://optiver.com/amsterdam/careers/jobs-and-events . The company is dynamic and flexible, these job posts are more suggestions, rather than rigid categories.

If you have any questions drop me a mail at gergelykalas@optiver.com

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