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A lot of the cool stuff of IPv6 like ULA or prefix translation is only working if you have more than a /64 for an server. A /64 is specified as an endpoint. If you want to run a few VMs that are globally routable without DHCPv6 you need more than a /64.

In my case we have a local mesh network that we'd like to switch to IPv6 using ULA - no more hassle with IP-configuration... would be cool if could do 1:1 VPN with prefix translation but it's hard to get a server with a /48.

For a mostly hobbyist project running your own AS and BGB and having at least some redundancy for VPN services e.g. at least 2 providers looks like it's quite a challenge. The organisation got a /44 for each community but try finding a provider that reasonable cheap and that offers announcing your AS.

I'm just curious because it's definitely not lack of addresses that seems to be limit here.

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