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This is what happens when people confuse something which reduces complexity, to something which can move complexity. It's important to note that it can move complexity, if you can set up the container host environment in such a way to allow it. At which point the complexity normally associated with the OS management/systems administrator can largely be moved into build process/software developer complexity.

The number of tools which one would suggest you use along with Docker are a reflection of this, and are additional layers to try to provide further movement of host complexity up into a software controllable level (Consul, etcd, yada yada).

The whole ecosystem plays well with "cloud" hosts, because their systems people have taken the appropriate steps in creating that host architecture and complexity (which is not gone) for you.

As someone else stated well, it is the modern static linking. I have no idea why people would ever have done "build, test, build, deploy" - that sort of insanity should have been obviously wrong. However, "build, test, deploy" does not depend on static-ness of everything related to build, but compatibility of environment between "test" and "deploy". Those who invested not enough time in making sure these environments were always in sync I think have found a way to wipe the slate clean and use this to catch up to that requirement.

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