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FUNDBASE https://www.fundbase.com New York City

# Ruby Full Stack Engineer [ONSITE, REMOTE]

Fundbase.com is a a technology platform that allows qualified investors to discover and interact with fund managers around the world in a compliant way. We even allow investors to directly invest into a fund, entirely through Fundbase.


Important Note: We are a software company in the finance industry, NOT a finance company that does software.

We will be raising our Series A in October.

Let's talk engineering Our stack is Angular, Rails, and Mongo. All of our engineers are full stack and proficient in all areas of the application. We are Agile, practice continuous integration and deployment, love to write beautiful and well tested code, love to find new and interesting tools and integrate them into our workflow.

Culture through the eyes of an engineer Our development team is 100% remote - yes, you can work from wherever in the world you want to. The majority of our team is based in Slovakia, I am currently the only developer in the US (in Manhattan). Yes, you will have the opportunity to go to our office in Europe. As far as working hours, we only require that you are available from 9am - 12pm; you are free to structure the rest of your working hours as you choose. Our team has a culture of putting emphasis on and making personal growth a priority.

Contact tim.blonski@fundbase.com if interested.

Ruby, Full Stack, Junior, Mid-level

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