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I'm not sure if I agree that the UX of docker is all that great if you're inferring that docker somehow is more intuitive or easier to understand. The sheer amount of confusion from so many people out there about what docker does is evidence to that.

You're conflating the fundamental technicality and irreducible complexity of the issues that Docker is attempting to solve with the UI they are wrapping around it. It doesn't matter if you have Steve Jobs himself risen from the grave, there is no way to make Docker be as easy to understand and use as Instagram. That doesn't mean it's not a step-change if you consider the UX of Docker vs raw LXC.

I'm only pointing out that docker has some pretty big UX problems as a whole (whether or not they can reduce the complexity of them enough to actually solve them is another thing). I wouldn't bill docker's UX as it's killer feature.

Docker's UX is not a feature, it's just part of its DNA that assisted in gaining rapid mindshare, sort of like Vagrant before it, by being more approachable than older tools like OpenVZ and VirtualBox respectively.

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