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Vagrant + ansible is a developer environment tool. Docker is a tool around making containers redistributable for production usage.

Packer is not quite an apt comparison, but would be a better comparison, than Vagrant.

The advantage is you do the steps that could possibly fail at build time. The downside is you need to learn to get away from doing runtime configuration for upgrades.


I wrote Ansible, and I wouldn't even want to use it in Docker context to build or deploy VMs if I could just write a docker file - assumes I might not need to template anything in it, probably. I would still use Ansible to set up my "under cloud" as it were, and I might possibly use it to control upgrades (container version swapping) - until software grows to control this better (it's getting there).

However, if you were developing in an environment that also wanted to target containers, using a playbook might be a good way to have something portable between a Docker file and Vagrant if a simple shell script and the Vagrant shell provisioner wouldn't do.

I'd venture in many cases it would.

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