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>Unless you're snapshotting that vagrant box and then deploying that to all your servers somehow, you are building multiple times.

You're also configuring many things in many different potentially complex ways.

The docker method of using environment variables as a configuration hack to get around this is pretty horrible, IMHO. Especially compared to ansible's YAML/jinja2 configuration.

>Especially compared to ansible's YAML/jinja2 configuration.

YAML/jinja2 is just terrible. When you have to introduce a templating system to programmatically generate your YAML configuration files, what you have really needed the whole time is an actual programming language.

It's a non-turing complete programming language much like excel spreadsheets are non turing complete programming languages.

Taking out the turing completeness restricts the mess which you can make and lets non-programmers do more while still being customizable.

Some smart people disagree with that:


I think the point is not to conflate configuration that is equivalent to code (which, sure, put it in version control) with configuration that is specific to how code is deployed (which your deployment tool should just tell you, via env vars).

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