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I did something remotely similar with a guy online - we set a schedule to each launch a monetised microsite within five days and 'keep each other honest' (e.g., not get lazy and do nothing each night). The plan was that each morning we'd check in and show progress - only allocated an hour each night. The pressure would motivate us to see it through.

Even though we'd never met and did everything via email, I still found it effective and built a site that made several hundred dollars and then sold down the track. Nothing lucrative, more than my hourly rate by hours spent.

Curious what the site was

Two-keyword domain, Adsense-monetised, 5-6 pages of content I wrote myself. Location-specific.

Each night I did a tiny portion of the work:

- research keywords and write bullet points - decide on domain, buy domain and set up hosting - extend bullets to x paragraphs per page - create site with nav and pages - launch and paste in ad code

Each evening was about an hour.

MFA sites are a bit slimy and unfulfilling so I tend to favour other side projects these days.

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