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I think something like an airplane is a much better analogy, as it is a complex system in a constant state of flux. It requires constant maintenance and has to comply with ever-changing FAA rules and regulations. It has to adapt to changing routes and distances -- it might be retrofitted to hold more fuel, or redesigned to burn less. During its lifetime, it will undergo several cabin reconfigurations, and will likely be completely rebranded more than once as it changes ownership. It will live through various versions of seat-back cell phones, overhead entertainment systems, seat-back entertainment systems, WiFi, foot rests, tray tables, and power outlets. And after decades of constant changes, it will be forcibly retired. Like software, it won't be retired because it no longer works -- it will just be EOLed because it's old, and something newer and shinier has come along.

And airplane building is one of the more relatable pastimes.

Building model airplanes and drones is certainly popular.

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