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You can definitely tell that a number of people are in it without necessarily being dedicated to cs. A bunch of people want our cs program to basically be a vocational school, and in some ways it kind of already is. We learn a trade that we can practice even while students, and people pay us students good money at internships! That's a pretty special opportunity. But the amount of disdain the average student here has for a topic like operating systems is kind of surprising to me.

I could be wrong, but as a casual observer who isn't yet in the workforce it seems to me that the people who put up with the rigor of the more difficult and less sexy topics (e.g. a solid understanding in algorithms à la CLRS) are not only just as well compensated as those who prefer to focus on what they think are marketable skills that industry is looking for, but they grow faster and further. These sorts of people (again, in my casual observer's eye) don't get pigeon-holed into a technology stack, but can easily jump into new topics if they think they're sufficiently interesting.

It's at least true for my friends in compsci who I have the most respect for as programmers. They seem like they can do anything!

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