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Is there any way get access to the homework auto-grader they are using?

It looks like 61AS still uses the old glookup system that's restricted to enrolled students, but you could go through the regular 61A course (which is taught mostly in Python but covers most of the same material as 61AS) which started using the new OK autograder for all assignments last semester (http://inst.eecs.berkeley.edu/~cs61a/sp15/). The tests are all run locally, so just add the --local flag to the command you run to prevent it from sending data to the server (which requires a Berkeley login).

We're looking into releasing a standalone version of the autograders (in response to this comment, actually). No promises yet. I'll reply here if there are interesting developments.

I doubt it, but you can probably just google for sicp answers, there's a lot of github repo's out there :) The scheme programs referred to in some of the notes look like they are available here if you want to try running them yourself: http://wla.berkeley.edu/~cs61a/sp09/lectures/

The autograder instructions on homeworks 0-5 have been updated to include running tests locally. Note that this is an experimental feature. If you run into bugs, you can hit up Rohin and Andrew (find their emails on the staff webpage)

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