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Better, NYC, FULL TIME; VISA; ONSITE https://better.com/ Seeking Full-Stack Engineers

At Better, we’re working to replace the traditional mortgage lending process with a faster, fairer, and all around better experience for consumers. We believe that it’s time for the real estate industry to catch up with the rest of the digital world, so we’re taking the traditional mortgage bank, turning it inside out, and replacing subjective decisions with data-driven algorithms and statistical models.

QUALIFICATIONS We are looking for someone with several years of experience, ideally with multiple languages such as Go, Java, Python and JavaScript. Hopefully you like highly asynchronous services, as well as algorithms and data processing. We want someone who likes to build things above all, but we also want someone who is open-minded about technology and wants to work in a solid team of experienced engineers.

Email erik(at)better.com if you're interested or visit https://onezerocapital.com/jobs/?gh_jid=60759

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