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FreeWheel http://www.freewheel.tv/ @ 275 7th Ave, New York, NY

* Go/C++ Developer [ONSITE, VISA]

* Hadoop Developer [ONSITE, VISA]

* Ruby on Rails Developer [ONSITE, VISA]

* iOS/Android Developer [ONSITE, VISA]

FreeWheel helps the television industry generate revenue from their premium content through a robust technology platform, which enables consumers like you to watch entertainment on any devices from PC, mobile, set-top box to traditional TV.

We want you to join our NYC-based engineering team and help hundreds of millions of people, including your friends and family, even your grandma who may be not on internet, to better enjoy their favorite shows whenever and wherever they want to with their loved ones.

Life is short. Work at someplace great. Work on something great.

detail: http://frwl.tv/eng-nyc-jobs

we are also hiring in Beijing, China: https://www.linkedin.com/vsearch/j?locationType=Y&f_C=458871...

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