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I learned a lot from a beginner's art class a long time ago. The teacher threw some rope on the table and said "Here - draw this."

Problem - I can't draw. I have no idea what I'm doing. I am completely terrified of making some kind of horrible messy fuck-up non-art and...

To keep it short - it's all fine. I'm not Durer, and I sketched something that didn't look much like rope. But it was way better than I expected.

The takeaway: there's a kind of pain barrier with a lot of projects. You think "This is not working, it's not going to work, I'm totally wasting my time on it", and all kinds of other critical thoughts.

Then you keep at it, and often - usually - it all works out.

The one exception I've found is that if projects for other people feel stuck, there's often a good external reason, and it's possible that you're genuinely wasting your time on them.

But if it's a solo project and it's not working, you don't have to force that iteration to work. But if you keep pushing and iterating and changing, something good falls out. IME the intense frustration is often the sign you're on the way to a breakthrough.

Great comment, gave me some ideas and motivation, thanks for sharing!

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