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> You bought a damned chair and you want it to remain a chair, not to find out that it's some kind of protean piece of furniture that's a chair today and partly a table tomorrow and, who knows, maybe you'll be able to humidify your cigars in it next week.

This is exactly my problem with web-services (and software that auto-updates itself).

I wish more software updated itself. I don't want to navigate to the download page and run the installer every time it updates. That's busywork.

This is already a solved problem with package managers. You shouldn't ever have to "run the installer" each time you need to update a program.

The software in my package managers' sources is outdated.

Every software is like this to some extent. The more external stuff they link, the more affected. Even if something doesn't auto update, eventually you'll have to update to the latest version because certain functionality will no longer work the way it should. Sure, you can fork it, but many software projects take more than one person to maintain.

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