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> The only thing that makes email useful is "everybody has this thing that accepts stuff and they get notified when new stuff shows up."

And that's also what makes the alternatives utterly useless. It takes a huge advancement to unseat things like email. Even a new technology like Dropbox has powerful incumbent "defenses" against superior alternatives like Syncthing and Bittorrent Sync. Who am I supposed to use these new replacements with? Literally nobody I know uses them. I can't even use rsync to transfer data to and from my clients (not in the software industry).

> Email is the single biggest vector for "hacks" and stealing money.

If this were less vague and thus actually falsifiable, you could also say that the single biggest vector for hacks and stealing money is the internet. The reason that email is the main vector on the internet is its ubiquity.

It would be great if email had been originally designed with signing and encryption capabilities, but it wasn't. The reason it is still better than some new messaging service that includes these capabilities is that is federated and decentralized and very tolerant of network failures.

> communicate at about a 60% effectiveness rate

Honestly, if humans could communicate 60% effectively, our experience as a species would be completely different. I don't think that email is the bottleneck here...

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