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The problem I have with all of this is it seems like the XKCD where for some reason, the latest person / thing seems to somehow not think to google if there's anything like what they're doing, so we have yet another program / protocol / community that 5 people use and then dies. EVERYONE uses E-mail.

And now with Aether - has no one heard of freenet and i2p and Tor? No, we'll re-do all the sort of starting work on anonymity and security and get to re-make for the thousandth time the mistakes where it really isn't that secure or anonymous rather than building on anything that has at least some of the actual battle testing and bug squashing already done.

What is Aether but Frost with less testing? Hell, what is it but TOR access to Usenet? Maybe I don't understand what's so special that it can't use any of the long worked on infrastructure level work that's gone into the above projects for a decade or so, and it actually does make sense to start over from day one - but if so, they certainly don't explain it.

And I'm not talking about UI - I'm talking about the anonymity equivalent of deciding TCP isn't good enough so I'm going to re-invent IPX or something.

is there anyone doing an Aether-equivalent over I2P or Freenet yet?

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