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To me what is important about email as infrastructure is SMTP and the principles of delay tolerant networking and federation. SMTPs store and forward reliability model is a bedrock of communication on the Internet, when all else fails email won't or it'll die trying.

Anything vying to replace it needs to capture these features. I won't trade reliability for real time. There are other real time channels I can use.

Isn't not being real time the main great thing about email?

Check out DJB's smtp replacement, InternetMail2000:


That seems less a replacement and more notes on a random idea with lots of questions. Some of his ideas in there are questionable, too.

Seems like he's increasing the bandwidth usage for an MX in a big way.

more notes on a random idea with lots of questions.

That's djb's greatest strength and greatest weakness. He just does whatever he wants and doesn't care how it integrates with the rest of the world.

If the e-mail is simply stored persistently until it's fetched succesfully (over HTTP), isn't that delay resistant networking? Are persisting proxies really important?

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