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Police raid home of security researchers who discovered e-vote vulnerabilities
27 points by aortega on July 4, 2015 | hide | past | web | favorite | 3 comments
Independent researches have found several security vulnerabilities in the e-voting machines that will be used this Sunday in the elections of local authorities in Buenos Aires. Tonight police raided homes of several of those researchers.

The vulnerabilities include a filtration of the SSL keys the machines use to communicate and authenticate with the central counting servers.


In spanish, about some of the vulnerabilities: www.telam.com.ar/notas/201506/110512-a-diez-dias-de-los-comicios-portenos-descubren-filtraciones-de-seguridad-en-el-sistema-de-voto-electronico.html

When the revolution comes, I hope to be the first up against the wall:



My Kuro5hin story is now in vote by the membership; anyone may join the site but there is a one-time $5.00 troll-suppression fee.

15 votes makes front page, so for $75.00, you could register fifteen sockpuppets then post it immediately. I'd do that myself but I'm totally busted.

The Soylent story must be approved by the site's admin but I am certain it will be.

My Advogato story is already on the front page. It has lots of google juice but not much actual traffic anymore.

I am exhausted, I need to sleep but please email your post to:

Richard M. Stallman rms@gnu.org

Eric Raymond esr@catb.org

Thomas Leavitt leavitt@880itservices.com

Jean Evans bjcraw@uidaho.edu

Dave Johnson davej@seeingtheforest.com

Scout around for forums and blogs where this could be even remotely on-topic.

I'm confused.

The voting is in Buenos Aires, but you end your submissions with "political repression such as we see today in Brazil".

Are you confusing Argentina with Brazil, or were the researchers actually located in Brazil?

oh crap I am very sorry.

I will mail the admins to ask them to edit my stories.

I at times have severe insomnia.

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