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Switzerland, Zurich ☆ Full-time ☆ Remote possible for the right candidate ☆ DevOps, Front-end, and Back-end.

This might be a very exciting, well-paid opportunity. We're a Swiss software shop that is mainly into e-commerce.

Our young, motivated team is looking for DevOps, Front-end, and Back-end people. My team uses mainly the following tech-stack:

- Python/Flask/Django

- MongoDB/Postgre

- Elasticsearch

- RedHat/Docker

- Gulp

Other teams use Java and C#. We look for people who can reason about technology and contribute with their ideas. Contact me for further info: iwang at fastmail . net

I myself moved to Switzerland only recently. My experiences living and working here can be found on medium: https://medium.com/@iwaninzurich/eight-reasons-why-i-moved-t...

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