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WizeNoze [http://wizenoze.com] | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

We're looking for a junior developer, and a senior developer with a leaning towards devops. You'll be working with Java, Groovy, Python, AWS, machine learning, Weka, and loads of other interesting tech to build tools to provide children with age-specific content and services. Our current products are a content editor with classification, summarization, issue highlighting, etc., and a search engine that adapts to a child's reading level.

We have big ideas and great people, a huge focus on improvement and quality, and an incredibly supportive learning environment, so come work with us!

Right now we need people in the Netherlands, with remote working within the Netherlands welcome, but if we don't find the right people we'll start looking further afield in the same timezone.

Full job spec here: https://wizenoze.recruiterbox.com/jobs/fk09ll

Please apply at the site or mail us at wizenoze-WZNZ0898@applications.recruiterbox.com

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