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Stupeflix | Paris | https://about.stupeflix.com/jobs

We're a small team of engineers passionate about video creativity. We make Replay (replayapp.com), 2014 App of the Year in 34 countries, demoed on stage at Apple Keynote, 8M downloads and just getting started.

Currently hiring Android, iOS, full stack web developers, and computer vision specialists. Join us!

Are you accepting applications from outside the EU (I am in Canada)?

Hi Stealthfocus,

We do have several people working remotely (for example Jeff works from SF), and we do accept applications from all over the world.

Is French fluency required?

To be honest, it is a plus, but not speaking french is not a definite show-stopper if you're the right person. Send us an email at job [at] stupeflix.com

Would you hire an apprentice?

Hi Sargeros,

I actually started as an intern, knowing next to nothing when it came to Image Processing. If you are motivated and willing to learn, there might be something we can do. Send me your resume at jean [at] stupeflix.com.

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