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ESnet | Network Automation and Analytics Engineer | Berkeley, CA

ESnet is looking for an engineer with an interest in writing software to provision, automate, monitor and analyze networks. You will be part of a small, agile team of three to five people that is developing the data and analytics platform which is used by ESnet to manage and understand our nationwide, high capacity science network.

ESnet provides the high-bandwidth, reliable connections that link scientists at national laboratories, universities and other research institutions, enabling them to collaborate on some of the world's most important scientific challenges including energy, climate science, and the origins of the universe. Our vision is that scientific progress will be completely unconstrained by the physical location of instruments, people, computational resources, or data.

Our current network is a 100G backbone connecting sites throughout the US with 340G of capacity across the Atlantic to reach CERN and other European partners. We carry the data from the LHC experiments to collaborator sites in the US amongst many other things.

Apply here: https://lbl.taleo.net/careersection/2/jobdetail.ftl?lang=en&...

This is a full time position. Our preference is for onsite at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab in Berkeley, CA but remote work is also possible.

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