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EpicGames - https://epicgames.com/jobs - Cary, NC and Bellevue, WA

Leading AAA game engine, UnrealEngine.

Systems Engineers/DevOps | Stack today: C++/UE4, Java, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Redis, RabbitMQ/SNS/SQS, Ansible, Docker | Looking at Kubernetes, Messos, EMR/Spark.

Developing a next gen gaming platform, small execution oriented teams, very well funded (self-funded) company, engineering focused from the top down, encourages OSS contributions. Opportunity to directly affect millions of users with your ideas and the gaming industry as a whole.

You folks have the best toolchain for making games. My best experience working on a game engine+editor combo was when I used Unreal Engine. It's a pity that you only have openings in usa.

Actually we have some flexibility, if you need to work from a location we don't have an office in, mention it in your submission.

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