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Council on Foreign Relations | New York City USA | REMOTE FULL-TIME

  1. DevOps Engineer
  2. Front-end Drupal Developer
  3. QA Analyst
These three positions have been released for recruiting today, the first day of CFR's new fiscal year. Job descriptions are forthcoming.

If you're interested, your best bet is to email me directly at tdavey@cfr.org. We have an enormous amount of new Drupal 8 work coming up.

Our two main sites are:


Edit: I also have new openings for two full-time Product Managers, devoted to the websites and to mobile apps. These PMs report into my group and work closely with the Engineering team naturally.

However, unlike the three openings above, the Product Managers must work onsite in New York City, at the CFR offices on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

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