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Seattle | PicMonkey.com | Senior Backend Engineer

Here's us: looking for an engineer to work on our backend services, facilitating both our mobile and web platforms. As a small team, every member works across the entire stack from tooling/deployment all the way to HTML/CSS. We like walks in the park and keeping work fun but insanely productive.

Here’s you: hella smart in the DevOps world. You love collaborating and are able to take projects from start to completion with minimal direction. You are excited about working with a small but mighty team of engineers who are hammering away at a major delivery in the next few months, where your contributions will be essential.


* Writing and maintaining Ruby scripts to create and deploy new infrastructure to AWS.

* Writing and maintaining Chef cookbooks, roles and environments.

* Building, maintaining, and deploying Java web apps (Spring framework, Hibernate)

* Building, maintaining, and deploying JavaScript web apps (Express, WebSockets)

* Building, maintaining, and deploying Python web apps (Django)

* Honing your skills in advanced database analysis/optimization

Skills & Requirements

* Commercial software development experience, using Java/Python/Go/PHP/Ruby/similar, and MySQL.

* Nice to have: experience with payment systems

* Nice to have: experience with NoSQL systems

* Nice to have: designing services for mobile clients (and/or building those clients yourself)

If this sounds like thing of wonder to you, send your resume to jobs.engineer@picmonkey.com

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