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FindTheBest.com | Santa Barbara, CA

What are we up to: We are building the deepest, broadest, baddest knowledge graph on the planet. We have billions of entities, hundreds of billions of facts, an amazing presentation layer, and a growing distribution network of top tier publishers. Everyone needs knowledge (we have well over 100M citations a month), and we’re here to satisfy that need.

What’s next: we’ve built an amazing product architecture that leverages our expansive knowledge graph. The next step is to become a dominant force in the growing knowledge industry. I'd love to talk to anyone working or interested in this exciting space. Unsolicited outreach is strongly encouraged!

About the team: The challenge of scaling human organizations is not unlike the task of scaling a technology stack. Just as large monolithic software applications tend to become ineffective and fail, a highly scalable engineering organization can't be dependent on hierarchy. Developers, designers, and data analysts can form small, cross-functional, mission-oriented teams that are able to operate decoupled of one another (Bezo's 2PT). Besides yielding more effective results, this distributed systems approach to human organizations promotes a happier, more harmonious engineering culture.


> We are building the deepest, broadest, baddest knowledge graph on the planet.

What does "baddest" mean in English? Doesn't feel like you mean "worst".

It's American slang for good, essentially.

It's usually found in the form of "biggest, baddest so-and-so". Its connotation is like "badass".

Mean ("lean, mean fighting machine") can also mean similar things

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