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Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (full-time (90%), on-site)

We are a leading cancer center with 100 years of history, a research instute with a small clinic for directly applying new research methods. There are two positions for hackers at the department of biochemistry (http://www.nki.nl/divisions/biochemistry/perrakis-a-group/)

Scientific programmer - improve and extend crystallography software that computes structure from X-ray images. Expert knowledge of C++ is not necessary, major extension can be done in your language of choice but the current code base is in C++. If you understand the science or algorithms behind it is a huge plus.

Java web developer - develop full stack web application to serve as a front end for a successful protein structure refinement package. Maintain a java applet that helps in protein crystallization trials.

Open and inquisitive mind is a must. You will work in a young team, cooperate with smart people (there are 600 post docs and PhDs out of 1200 employees) and enjoy work-life balance. Plus, foreigners can get a 30% tax discount. Come and help us fight cancer!

Drop me an email if interested: j.hudecek@nki.nl

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