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Photobucket | Denver, CO | Full Time | ONSITE - frequent work-from-home allowed

== Who We Are ==

Photobucket is one of the original photo hosting sites, having been in business since 2003. We are working to reinvent ourselves, solving new problems in photo sharing related to mobile, social networks, and print.

Our engineering teams work using a collaborative, agile, DevOps philosophy to build, deploy, and iterate on new systems quickly and efficiently. You would be joining an Ops team which includes another sysadmin, several DBA's, network engineer, storage engineer, and a small NOC. We're a small, cross-functional group, but you're NOT expected to be a one-person hero working 80 hour weeks. Work/life balance is extremely important to Photobucket.

== What We're Looking For ==

A Senior System Administrator with a strong Linux background and Operations experience supporting a modern medium-to-high traffic web infrastructure.

Here's some of the technologies you'd be working with. None of these is a requirement; experience with some would be great.

* Linux (CentOS/RHEL, Ubuntu)

* OpenStack private cloud

* Config management (any vendor, we happen to use SaltStack)

* Scripting (any language, we write a lot of Python)

* LAMP stack, Java, Tomcat, Varnish

* SAN (any vendor, we currently use NetApp)

* Basic networking, load balancing, CDN

* Software development tools (git, Jenkins CI, automated testing)

* Cisco UCS

* ElasticSearch, LogStash

* Basic database knowledge (we're a MySQL shop)

* Monitoring software (Zabbix/Nagios/New Relic/etc)

If you'd like to hear more, please contact me (Jon) via the email address in my HN profile. Thanks!

I don't see an email address in your HN profile, but I'd be interested in chatting.

Sorry, I thought filling in the email field provided a way to contact me. Apparently not.

Anyway, please feel free to email me at jhenry@<company name>.com! Looking forward to talking with you.

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