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No Linux support? Really?

It really saddens me how many tech companies ignore Linux, especially when they have the resources on hand to build the additional clients.

That seems like an obvious choice. Linux users are going to be cli friendly - an area Git happens to excel at already.

Yes, I've never found a Git client that doesn't result in a second-class experience. For anything common, a CLI is almost always quicker and more consistent. For everything else, I'd much rather quickly search a man page or Stack Overflow for a command than search through likely verbose help documentation for a GUI app.

> For anything common, a CLI is almost always quicker and more consistent.

I'm also a command line fan, but when it comes to git there are 2 areas where a GUI is nice:

- After slashing through dozens of files, it's nice to have a nice GUI that gives you a list of all changed files, and manually select the lines you want to stage. I use git-cola (https://git-cola.github.io/) or git extensions (https://gitextensions.github.io/, although there's no screenshot of this exact functionality) depending on the platform I'm on

- When I need to explore a repo's history, I like having some interactivity: filtering branches/tags, quickly searching for a commit or its ancestor, search where a commit is included... the git cli is absolutely not the right tool for that.

I could get used to tig (https://blogs.atlassian.com/2013/05/git-tig/) because it fits the bill for both cases, I just haven taken the time. Sometimes a mouse may be the best tool.

Visual diff is very useful to me. I use Meld which works really well for now. But I would love to see a terminal based side-by-side diff view. Does tig have that?

I've had good experiences with magit (Emacs' git interface). Doesn't do much good if you ain't an Emacs user, though.

Maybe they are assuming Linux users don't need a gui client? :)

meh -__-

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