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Senior Python Data Scientist Salt Lake City, Utah -- Onsite Recursion Pharmaceuticals

We’re a small (currently 8 full-timers) and fast-growing biotech startup with an amazing set of advisors including the Broad’s Anne Carpenter, and we're using high biological experiments in human cells, automated image segmentation and feature extraction, and machine learning and statistics to find new treatments for rare genetic diseases faster than anyone has previously thought possible. We’re looking for a computational scientist with an outstanding track record to help lead our analysis efforts, with several years of experience in statistics, machine learning, and software development. You should be adept at data exploration and visualization, developing and testing hypotheses,and rapidly solving lots of big and small problems using lots of numerical data, preferably with python’s scientific stack including pandas, scikit-learn et al.

More details and how to reach us: http://www.recursionpharma.com/lead-python-data-scientist.ht...

FYI: Getting a 404 from that link.

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