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OkHi | Full Stack Engineer | Nairobi, Kenya - Solve a problem affecting 4B people across the world


There are more people in the world without a physical address than with. 4 billion people in fact. It’s our mission to empower them with an address that works. We're doing this by building the next generation of a physical address system to increase commerce through better logistics, save lives through improved emergency services and grow access to finance through a better identity system.

We're looking a full-stack developer to join our small team of 7 in Nairobi. Experience in JS across front/backend is required, ideally with experience in Android, GIS, and in building other APIs. You will be responsible for launching OkHi to 100s of businesses and millions of consumers across emerging markets. Full job description at http://www.okhi.com/s/OkHi-Experienced-Software-Developer-Jo....

Full-time, onsite, and can arrange visa as needed.

If you are motivated about using your kickass development skills to solve a global problem and have a huge impact on the world, then we want to hear from you. Email us at joinus@okhi.com

Looks like an awesome and ambitious project. I thought about doing the same (or something about digitalizing all the existing addresses) but never worked on it.

Thanks! Where were you thinking about doing the project and digitalizing for what purpose?

It's been quite an interesting ride - I used to live in SF and now am seeing see firsthand such an interesting contrast. There are so many emerging market-specific tech challenges, both as things a startup can address (like us) and as part of the design process in building tech that works for a radically different consumer.

What about remote option, at least for the beginning?

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