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Join the best little startup at Microsoft.

The Azure DocumentDB team is hiring - http://jobs.documentdb.com/

Building NoSQL awesomeness; located in Redmond, WA (near Seattle).

=== What is DocumentDB? ===

Azure DocumentDB is Microsoft’s multi-tenant distributed database service, purpose-built for managing JSON documents at the Internet scale. Inside Microsoft, several large applications have been using DocumentDB in production.

=== Who are we? ===

We are a small and nimble team of systems engineers inside the Azure Data Platform Group (DPG) which builds services like SQL Azure and HDInsight. Joining our team is a fantastic opportunity to work with some of the best systems engineers in the industry who are tackling challenges that will continue to shape the industry.

We believe that building a novel database from ground up is a once in a lifetime opportunity. This is a ground floor opportunity to build a large scale distributed storage system. The team culture values results, operating with a sense of urgency, engineering quality, technical excellence, and grassroots innovation.

=== Contact Us ===

Send us an email at: askdocdb {at} microsoft.com

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