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Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (UW) | Seattle, WA | Developers, Data Scientists, Research Fellows

Tired of spending your time trying to trick people into clicking on ads and buying things they don't need? Put your big old brain to better use by using cutting edge data science to tackle global health and development.

IHME has spent nearly a decade bringing global health statistics into the modern age, working with the Gates Foundation, NGOs, and governments around the world to better understand and address problems related to health and development. We're up to 250 employees now, with hundreds of collaborators around the world. Our flagship Global Burden of Disease project has been cited tens of thousands of times and has effected real change.

For developers, we have postings for javascript, databases, and drupal. We're also looking for a scrum master and project officers. There's postings for data analysts and researchers right now, and there are some data scientist roles that should be posted soon. Contact me if you're interested.


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