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IBM Watson | Multiple positions | Pittsburgh | Onsite | Full-time | Citizen; Visa for well-qualified candidates | Scala; Java; Angular.js; Bootstrap; Python; Ruby; Watson Explorer

IBM Watson in Pittsburgh has several open positions as of this posting.


* Watson Technical Product Manager

* Watson User Interface (UI) Junior Developer

* Watson Quality Engineer

* Watson Support Explorer Engineer

If you apply, please ensure that you apply fully by clicking the link in the email you receive later today. People frequently miss that step and leave their application incomplete!

I’m the software engineer tech lead on the Watson Explorer connectivity team and former consultant with the product's Professional Services team.

We’re looking for folks versed in Java, Scala, and the Ruby on Rails stack. The UI positions are heavily focused on Angular.js and Bootstrap. QA leans Python. We're in new development mode right now, so if you like to start from nothing, you'll like what we're doing.

We do things like TDD, real actual pair programming†, kanban, agile-ish planning (IBM Design Thinking, not some convoluted buzzword bullshit), automated builds, “use the right tool for the job even if it’s not an IBM product”, and daily stand ups that, for the most part, never run past 15 minutes.

We like to have fun, too, having regular board game lunches and evenings, hosting meetup events, weekly communal lunch cooked by one or more of our fantastic cooks, and managers that are incredibly full-of-clue and treat us like the adults we all are.

We try to keep our interview process as bullshit-free as possible. If we think you look good on paper, we’ll reach out for a phone chat and give you the details on a pretty open-ended code test, where you’ll implement a simple library. If we like your solution, then we’ll invite you for a live culture fit and technical interview, in-person if you’re near or remote if not. This process has given us a ridiculously low turnover.

† no, really. We shoot for 50%-75% pairing, otherwise known as “pair when it makes sense”.

Source: Met current manager through this process.

The people are really great here, I'm female and it's one of the most healthy/safe environments I've ever even heard people talking about. There's no needing to prove, if you're here, you belong to be here. So go do things we both know you're qualified for.

TL;DR: 10 out of 10 should apply

A previous posting:


We've hired at least two people we contacted via HN.

You can read more in the many /r/pittsburghjobs posts I’ve made throughout the years both as IBM and as Vivísimo, the startup that IBM acquired in 2012:


We have award-winning engineers, writers, and speakers in our office. One of IBM Design’s principals is located here, too. A few of our staff are on conference organizing committees for Steel City Ruby, DevOps Days, SATURN, etc. Almost half of our desks are standing desks in our open space office plan (where sitting is fine, too!) with a roof deck in the middle of a bustling, multicultural business district.

If you’re physically in Pittsburgh, consider coming to a Code & Supply (http://www.codeandsupply.co) event held in our office. We host several per month; we’re very active in the local developer community. We've hired at least three people that we've met through it...

If you're not in Pittsburgh, you can click that above link and search for other cities. Most Watson positions have "Watson" in the title or at least as a keyword in the search. Or you can try through http://www.ibm.com/watsonjobs and just mention my username when formally applying.

I should mention that I get a copy of the email when you apply through this site, which asks the bare minimum necessary to get you into the pipeline. I don't get all of that information, but I do get at least your name and email address and I pass that information to the hiring manager, sometimes even walking over to them myself and saying, "LOOK AT THIS MAGNIFICENT PERSON. HIRE THEM. PLZ."

Applying above is not a black hole. Repeat: not a black hole. If you don't hear from me, you didn't complete the application process.

I'm one of the managers at IBM Watson in Pittsburgh. AMA via email, jkramer at us · ibm · com with "Hacker News" in the subject

If you want to chat with me, hit me up on Pittsburgh Code & Supply's Slack chat (http://www.codeandsupply.co/chat) or email me <my hn username> at us · ibm · com with "Hacker News" in the subject.

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