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Get your Google calendar into tmux (hauck.io)
101 points by mzehrer on June 30, 2015 | hide | past | favorite | 24 comments

FYI: Your blog only shows a spinner unless the user allows Javascript for no reason at all.

Hey, thanks, Yesterday I changed the theme, which does this... thanks for the hint! ;)

You also don't advertise your RSS feed[1] in the headers (or otherwise).

[1] https://blog.hauck.io/feed/

Ok, I switched back to the non premium version, I got RSS-Feed back again and no weird scrolling stuff :)

Thanks for the hint!

Thanks back! :)

Sorry to pile in, but the scrolling is really terrible as well.

People should really stop playing around with scroll, and scroll-acceleration, it is really a terrible experience.

Ok, sorry for this, like I said, I changed the theme, some configuration is lost.

Now I switched back, hope everything is well now ;)

As a sidenote, gcalcli is the best way to manage your google calendar. I always found creating calendar entries through apps or web such a nuisance that I just didn't bother.

Same to me but with owncloud or davical. But now I needed to use gcal for work. Graphical nonsensestuff ...

This is really useful. I've always wondered (but never bothered to search) if there was a cli interface for Google calendar. Integrating it into tmux is a nice bonus.

I really should setup my gmail account in mutt, it could save me a lot of alt-tabbing time.

Also on topic: khal is a pretty good cli calendar app:

It's designed to work with CalDAV, though IIRC, google is moving away from standard protocols and onto their own, regrettably.

Unfortunately, I couldn't get this to work. Here is the traceback: http://hastebin.com/yibusifogi.vhdl

Also, nice function name `BowChickaWowWow` :)

Looks like you may need to upgrade six (dependency of the Google API library). `pip install six --upgrade` may do the trick

Your bash looks like something that can be fixed by a well-placed sed one-liner :)

Yes, I know, I will give it a try, and update my post ;) Thanks!

Oh my god, this is awesome! I guess it would became my fav command line tool.

Now to hook it up to twilio and get my sms notifications back.

You mention:

> Be sure to replace GOOGLE_USERNAME with your accountname(everything in front of @gmail.com).

Where are you replacing GOOGLE_USERNAME?

Figured it out

set -g status-right '📅 #(gcalcli --nostarted --calendar "GOOGLE_USERNAME" agenda --nocolor | cut -d " " -f 4- | head -2 | tail -1 | sed "s/^ *//g" | sed "s/ / /g" | cut -c1-19)'

Getting a "daily limit exceeded" error from the Google API client.

Hi, we are working on getting that lifted (I'm one of the maintainers.) Right now you're best bet is to sign up for your own API key/secret and supply those via either a config file or command line arguments:

  --client_id API client_id
  --client_secret API client_secret
See https://github.com/insanum/gcalcli/issues/65#issuecomment-13... for details on how to get those.

Hey, thanks for the info. I've tried that, but now I get a "Error: redirect_uri_mismatch" error.

edit: I got it working. When creating a new client id, you need to choose "Installed application" as the application type.

hmmm interesting

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