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I used to work as at Google and it was my worst job ever.

It was not for Google directly though, but via a temp agency for a Google project.

Google rented an office building just for the project with temp agency HR on site and a few Googlers that were mostly in management and supervising things.

Contracts were structured in a way to avoid having to pay benefits and to be able to maximize pressure on the the employee with extremely short notice periods.

The turnover was enormous, almost everyone hated working there and 30-40% of the employees were reminded weekly by HR that they're on probation and will get fired if their performance isn't better next week.

Basically a modern day sweatshop.

I am sorry you had this experience, but I would argue that this isn't the same as working for actual Google. This jives with other accounts I've read from contractors (and I think I read somewhere that about 35% of staff are contractors at this point, but that seems really, really high).

Was this in engineering, or maps data curation, or ads customer support, or ?

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