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Quake in your browser (quaddicted.com)
169 points by highCs on June 25, 2015 | hide | past | web | favorite | 66 comments

Quake in the browser via javascript was done 5 years ago using GWT. I recall seeing that port at Google I/O years ago.


You linked to quake2-gwt-port, which is a Quake 2 port. But this is a Quake 1 JavaScript port called SiPlus' WebQuake.


I wonder how a JavaScript port done manually like this would compare to an emscripten port in terms of performance? It was a little choppy on my old laptop that can run Quake 3 decently.

I am pretty sure that this one was written from scratch, not "compiled to JavaScript".

ioquake 3 via emscripten: https://developer.mozilla.org/en/demos/detail/ioquake3js

I need some help getting MP to work with WebRTC. If you're interested: https://github.com/klaussilveira/ioquake3.js

How does your port differ from QuakeJS? : http://www.quakejs.com/

The source code is at: https://github.com/inolen/quakejs

It has working networking through WebSockets. Might want to check that out.

I'm not familiar with either implementation, but webrtc (I believe) allows for UDP networking, which is better for FPS games.

Oh, this thing is ancient!

Still cool.


There is a node.js multiplayer server included in the repo that works half-decent. :)

For some reason it triggered vulnerability blocked warning on my device. Looks like one of the WAV files tried to execute code.

Screenshot: http://d.pr/i/w2A1/2BrF07Eo

Woah, what does that mean now? I played through the first level, do I have to worry about an arbitrary code execution exploit having compromised my computer now?

The last chunk in the WAV file mentioned has a length of 0xFFFFFFFF, which I don't believe is valid. It's probably just referring to that.

I'm on Chrome (on a macbook) and the mouse isn't working... Click works to shoot, but I can't look around using the mouse. Any ideas?

(I'm playing with just the keyboard so far... but I can see the end coming soon.)

Try turning on the mouselook. I think the key for that is '\' or something. Check the controls

tilda (~) brings up the menu.

should be "+mlook".

Same here, chrome on LinuxMint

Same problem on Chrome on windows, but FF works great.

Same here, latest chrome Windows 8

It actually runs on the iPhone's MobileSafari! (although with quite a bit of stutter and the occasional browser crash)

My original Droid ran Quake 3 with no problems at native res at a super solid frame rate. Browser performance has come far, but it's still no match for native from what I've seen.

True but web performance is advancing faster than native performance. It's catching up. Give it enough time and the difference won't be big enough to justify the additional cost of developing for multiple platforms when you can get 90% of the performance with a cross-platform code base. Whether that code base is HTML5+WebGL or something more like Unity with WebAssembly is another matter, but I believe, in 5 years or so, writing native code will be not be the norm for mobile apps.

Hm. Defying the laws of physics again, are we?

I'm not sure how suggesting a uiWebView wrapper might only use 10% of performance compared to native is really 'defying the laws of physics'. The reason it's catching up is because the browser is essentially is moving out of the way.

For example, right now, if I write a GLSL fragment shader and run it in a native app it runs on the GPU exactly how you'd expect. If I then use the same shader in JS using WebGL ... it does exactly the same thing on the GPU. The performance is the same. In a few years the same will be for the rest of the code - it'll be loaded by a browser but it'll be running basically the same instructions on the CPU as a native app.

The browser chrome, security sandboxing, and a few other bits will slow things down a little, but not so much that we'll need to develop native code except for games that really push the limits of the platform they're on.

just tested on an HTC Desire 601. Ran faster in Fennec (firefox) than on an Athlon X2 with a Radeon HD 4200 running linux (open drivers) and Firefox. Wasn't expecting that at all.

I'd just like to take a moment to appreciate the domain name.

Quaddicted is a great site ran by a great Quake archivist/enthusiast (Spirit). He's helped keep back ups of Quake mods and maps and even written a java application to download and install them easily onto your Quake installation from his site. Just don't appreciate the domain name, appreciate the guy too!

+mlook doesn't work... any idea why?

It didn't work at first for me when I tried it in the very start of the game, but once I went through a portal to enter the 'select your episode' rooms, it started to work.

If I used my old PC with the 3DFX card, could I see through the walls to snipe other players?

Ahh, the good ol' days.

Voodoo or Voodoo2?

Orchid Righteous 3D, the original voodoo add-on card! Remember playing Fatal Racing / Carmageddon with it too!

I remember seeing screenshots of GL Quake and QuakeII in PC Mags taken on machines with 3DFX cards, and wanting one badly. However, no way my parents could spend the money on that.

Hat tip for being the elite of the elite PC gamers back in the 90's!

The game sounds still give me goosebumps.

Yeah I remember this being one of the first games truly to put the sounds deep into my brain, over grinding multiplayer over countless hours.. just learning from the sounds where the enemies were, who took the red armor and where, when the quad appeared ..

Those jump sounds going over the moving platforms in DM2, somebody rocket jumping in DM4 to the top, DM6 rocket camping and somebody coming behind the corner with the grenade launcher ..

Excellent sound design, Trent Reznor and the ID team did a really good job in spatial location via sound. I dont even know many modern games that have reached the same level, modern multiplayer games don't somehow use sound as well as quake always did to tell you what is happening in the environment.

Although not realistic in any way, but it made sense for the game.


shoots a couple of shotgun blasts

jumps into the lava


yup, good 'ol quake

What a map that was! Used to love getting quad damage on that one and running amok.

Still one of the best deathmatch maps ever made! :)

worked smoothly on my linux laptop/firefox :) I wonder if quake 3 would work...

Awesome! But I was really hoping it was going to be multiplayer. It would be much cooler if you could just hop straight in to shooting at some other people...

I believe http://www.quakejs.com/ has multiplayer.

too bad no one's on the servers :/

amazing, thanks!

It actually does support multiplayer, using websockets. You have to enter the IP address. Instructions are on the WebQuake github page.

Here is our experiment in online multiplayer shooter in your browser


Cool as hell, kinda surprised it ran as smooth as it did.

technology is so advanced that we can now run 19 year games in our web browsers and be impressed by it

TIL it's really hard to play Quake on a Kinesis...!

Great stuff here. Thanks for sharing.

Love this blast from the past.

I just spent 20 minutes watching the demo run through :-)

Next year is the 20-year anniversary of quake btw! God I'm old

Ctrl + W closes the tab while playing. Happened to me a lot :/

Wow! It worked super well on Firefox 38.0.5/OS X 10.7.5.

Quake was the first game i finished till the end.


i can hear the zenimax lawyers stampeding now though...

This is loading the WAD files from the demo version of Quake, which is fine per the Quake licence.

loading screen says "registered version". The shareware/demo did not.

IE9 here. I has no quakes in my browser :(

Why are you running IE9 ?

I second this question, also, why would you expect it to work? I'd far rather they (or anyone) spent their time on clients (browsers) that support features than address issues which could be resolved by someone using a modern browser.

Works great in Firefox, but it seems that mouse grabbing isn't automatic. Still, very nicely done.

Works on Nexus 7 Android 4.4

I liked QuakeLive when that was still running. That shit was the bomb.

Its still running though a bit dead since StarCraft. They I was very active but they recently dropped Linux support so i cant play anymore.

They apparently did a rerelease on steam where they nerfed the game mechanics. For example strafe jumping is automatic now, causing a lot of rage at old school players.

Would love to see it back on SteamOS and Linux in the future. Such a gold game.

> For example strafe jumping is automatic now, causing a lot of rage at old school players.

No it isn't, you can hold the space bar to jump, that literally doesn't change anything at all.

It's amazing how many retarded rumors sprung out of that release.

QuakeLive isn't running anymore? Seems to still exist...

It was really cool, but I'll point out that QuakeLive was using plugins/ActiveX and this thing is not.


Works great on an Acer C720 chromebook. Fantastic!

hardly worked at all on my PC with 3 gig of RAM.

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