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A free (as in speech and beer) alternative to Periscopre.io would be http://redash.io. You’ll have to host it yourself, but it supports more than just SQL, and is centered around the idea of sharing queries, not reports, which helps shifts the discussion from “how did you get those numbers” to “what do those numbers mean”.

re:dash author here if anyone has any questions.

Our company (EverythingMe) had a very similar journey to the one Samson describes (Splunk, MySQL, logs, ... -> Redshift). At the time Persicope wasn't there (or we didn't find it), so we built re:dash instead.

It also has a nice forking model that lets you take other people's work and extend it for your needs, which is super useful if like me you're not part of the analytics team and don't remember the structure of the analytics tables by heart. You just take a report that resembles what you want, and fork it.

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