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This is great news and a shift in the way business is traditionally done. If containers were a thing 20 years ago there would be fierce vendor lock-in and patent/lawsuits flying everywhere. People would chose which cloud platform to deploy based upon which tools they prefer.

Docker has fundamentally changed the way they think of the way they fit in the tech eco-system. Instead of selling a set of containers that only work with their tools they've opened up the platform strengthening their position as the go-to solution for management. Prudent move on their part. It limits their potential market cap but solidifies them as an entrenched member for the foreseeable future.

They were a thing.

The company I worked for in early 2000 was using HP-UX containers.

These are great times! Companies learnt that alone/closed/private doesn't drive innovation... You can see in the latest news many standards been made by the companies together... Working with docker for dev-environment has been fantastic (for me), really fast and easy to start/stop/modify different setups.

Companies don't drive innovation. Innovation is just the side product of the pursuit of profit. They fill a 'need' in society and get rewarded. If this just so happens to be innovative then so be it.

You'd think that, but the closest we got was Citrix vs. Microsoft and that was over before it really ever got started:


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