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Does TS really have to know? I think her outrage would be more believable if she didn't.

How sure are you the outrage is 'hers' in the first place if it was in written form on a blog? Believe me, her tirade was edited, vetted and revised by multiple parties six ways to Sunday. It matters very little if the original author was TS herself.

> Believe me

From what authority do you speak on this topic?

no authority whatsoever. My statement is unfalsifiable unless TS/her team steps fprward.I admit it's all conjecture, but I should note that TS had a publicist handling her public relation for 7 years before moving that function in-house to her management company.

TS has so far given me the impression of being business savvy and if I'm charitable to assume competence of her management company, I'd assume she would shy from legal minefields

Given the above priors, my estimation is that her lateat blog-post (like all others) was vetted by publicist(s) & legal advisor(s). YMMV.

And your proof of that is?

No proof. This is the role of artist management companies. Taylor Swift has her own management company. All this gs being equal they managed her post.

I could similarly claim "OS X El Capitan is being QA tested six ways to Sunday" without being in Cupertino. You could ask me for proof and I would have none.

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