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Good for Apple. It's too bad it needed a really high profile artist to come out against it, but I'm glad they could listen and make the right choice.

Taylor Swift has previously not put her music on other streaming services (despite them paying artists during the trial period); I wonder if she'll consider Apple Music for streaming now that they've changed their terms on this point (and if she does, will she also put her music on other streaming services?).

I hope everyone realizes that withholding 1989 was about a windowing strategy to maximize overall revenue from iTunes downloads/CD sales. Now they've essentially called her bluff and she'll have to cut that short when her music is still selling like crazy 8 months later.

I don't think she was bluffing as she has already withheld her album from Spotify. If the follow up is correct, she can still withhold it as they are not going to pay full royalties. This is attempted damage control for Apple on a Sunday night and it looks ill handled.

The story then changes from "Taylor Swift making sure artists are compensated for their work" to "Taylor Swift wants more money". Apple was never going to pay royalty rates based on people that paid $10 a month for the service on people that were paying nothing, asking that they do would make Taylor Swift look poorly.

The story changes to Apple is still going to short change artists to promote its service. Taylor Swift will look fine as she has incredible fan loyalty and communicates with her "customers" in a way Apple cannot.

Guess you didn't see the reaction to the Tidal unveiling. All those artists have loyal fans as well.

I did and it has nothing to do with this. Tidal has so many problems (e.g. streaming rights to Beyoncé) and relations to other artists that the situations are not similar.

The situation is absolutely similar because the outrage was about "rich millionaires asking for more money".

No one at Tidal said anything about Indy artists.

Taylor Swift can shame Apple, but who exactly is in a position to shame Taylor Swift?

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