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I've been slowly injecting it into a project that was previously all JS + jQuery.

Things I love:

- All of the view state, event handlers, and markup in a single place. This makes it super easy to reason about.

- Very easy to learn and get up to speed with relative to a full framework. I found it even easier than Knockout which is saying a lot.

- Injectable into a pre-existing project that was not designed around using ReactJS.

Things that have bugged me:

- Having to add a JSX build step (yes I know you can avoid JSX but it's ugly)

- No standard Flux implementation the community can rally around

- There is a big community focus on utilizing bleeding edge front-end tech such as ES6 (using Babel) and CommonJS (through browserify/webpack), all installed through NPM. Even the FB Flux reference implementation is written in ES6. As someone crawling away slowly from simple jQuery based site, adding a full on front-end stack + ES6 is a huge ask.

You're the target of this repo [0] that I put up! It's meant to give you a complete environment for building a frontend application. I just wrote a comment [1] explaining some of the features it provides.

[0] https://github.com/cesarandreu/web-app/ [1] https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=9751949

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