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I've moved from angular to react and i'm happy. Simple, really simple!!! interface. All you need is to remember just few methods of one (ONE!!!) class. It's fast enough to create interfaces with a lot of objects.

With react and react-native i start publish my projects on github, because they has a simple structure and can be easily supported.

I almost forget jQuery, it's really rare situation when i need to access real DOM.

Big amount of flux frameworks (i love [flummox](https://github.com/acdlite/flummox) , [redux](https://github.com/gaearon/redux)).

I read discussions (in twitter, in github issues, in slack http://www.reactiflux.com/) of this guys @sebmarkbage, @Vjeux, @dan_abramov, @acdlite and many others as like "THE BEST PROGRAMMING BOOK I'VE EVER READ"

My [app](https://github.com/istarkov/google-map-react) hit the top trending github apps, thanks to react community. (it's not easy for developer to show his work to the world)

React is GREAT!!!

Your google maps component looks awesome. I'm looking at a few frameworks for my company and react is the one that I'm leaning towards (I've used angular before but react feels more performant out of the gate). We use google maps a lot so having this would be awesome!

Thanks a lot for all the links. Great material to go over.

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