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We're in the final stages of migrating a large non-web system to react for a client right now (we're up to ~200kLOC of JS) first big project our new company is doing. Next time I'd use an immstruct layer for maintaining state, and maybe a thinner vdom library instead of react. Not a fan of flux at this scale, it's too easy to have components being dependent on their position in the tree, so we tend to have lots of wrapper-boilerplate that just pulls data out of the store and pass it to immutable components. I'd rather just have a module dedicated to the task, and have immstruct sort out how to dispatch updates efficiently, acting as a 'JSON-view' of the server's state.

On the other hand, some clients seem to have heard of react now, so that's a big plus of using it. We'll probably end up doing more.

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