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Resources to learn Go (andygrunwald.com)
96 points by andygrunwald on June 20, 2015 | hide | past | web | favorite | 20 comments

Since my free/open source ebook didn't make the cut, please excuse the self promotion: http://www.golangbootcamp.com/

I hope it will help some of you :)

I've used it recently. Thanks for the obvious effort that went into it.

I learned from John Graham-Cumming's O'Reilly video series. When I reviewed some of the Go books, I was frustrated by code samples with so many "we'll get to this later" parts. John's videos had a good pace, thoroughly explained concepts, and prepared me to write real code. The only downside was that they were expensive - if you are able to expense them, I highly recommend the videos.

Indeed so. This series gives a very practical real world view of how to use and apply the language.

+1 for gobyexample that is my favorite resource, especially once you have broken ground, and are somewhere in-between having all the basics of the syntax mostly mastered, but some of the tidbits of the standard library not yet mastered.

Thank you. This sort of thing (coming from a PHP/Python) background is what I am looking for.

Would love to see one day examples of doing something in PHP/Python and then how to do it in Golang.

Ultimately, I see myself dropping PHP in favour of Golang for my front-end stuff and continuing with HHVM/PHP for my backend development.

My daemons on servers are currently running in Python and do see them ported over to Golang in the future.

So +1 from me.

> Would love to see one day examples of doing something in PHP/Python and then how to do it in Golang.

Do you got some specific examples you want to see? For some usecases i don`t know if this would make sense to port in 1 by 1 from PHP to Golang (because of lack of features on both sides). But maybe you can name some pieces of code / examples.

I've been reading this e-book: https://www.golang-book.com/books/intro

Really enjoying it thus far!

mw too.. find this one really helpful

I want to throw the little go book into the ring as another great resource:


Short and also freely available.

I'll give a +1 to Go in Action (Manning)[1]; the MEAP has improved quite a bit over the last couple of months, particularly with the rewrite of the chapter about types.

[1] http://manning.com/ketelsen/

Maybe I missed it but I didn't see this mentioned: http://gobyexample.com

This site helped me tremendously. I still reference it all the time when I'm uncertain about something.

This site is genius. It was mentioned in the blog article under "Further useful resources".

Nice summary.

Contributing to existing project is one more way to learn Golang. Perfect if you have some exotic needs which are not covered in existing golang libraries.

One can also peruse the Camlistore source code at http://camlistore.org. It was a project started by Brad Fitzpatrick, the guy famous for owning Nest Protect smoke alarms. ;)

Also famous for the original Perl implementation of memcached ... and LiveJournal. And Perlbal.

Also, slightly off-topic, but is there anything like Go by Example for something like C or C++?

My recommendation would be not to learn go.

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