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Oh wow, the cynical comments are just too much. That certainly gave me some perspective!

I would love a website that just collected a bunch of past ideas, along with all the naysayer comments, that end up being huge successes later on.

That would be pretty uplifting, imho.

It'd probably have to include even one of my comments. :-( https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=6824666 (I still can't believe it all worked out...)

The jury is still decidedly out on that whole Snapchat thing.

What cynical comments? I read most (or all) of them as positive and encouraging.

First paragraph on the top comment is very representative: "The only problem is that you have to install something. See, it's not the same as USB drive. Most corporate laptops are locked and you can't install anything on them. That's gonna be the problem. Also, another point where your USB comparison fails is that USB works in places where you don't have internet access. "

All I see is one person expressing their reservations, which I think is quite legitimate given the novelty that Drew's YC app was at the time. Either way how is that a bad thing? Feedback is crucial at such an early stage.

Maybe I read this wrong or are you the one being cynical here? :)

> The only problem is that you have to install something.

It was very relevant to point that. In my case, exactly this issue made impossible to me that I even try to use Dropbox. Is the install step actually still necessary?"

"It does not seem very "viral" or income-generating."

This took the gold for me.

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