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Tell HN: Kevin will be on Show HN again this Friday
68 points by dang on June 17, 2015 | hide | past | favorite | 14 comments
Last week, Kevin Hale, YC partner, Wufoo founder, and general secret weapon of design, took a notion to comment on a bunch of Show HNs. We thought that was great and asked him to do it again. This time we have a bit of advance notice to share: he'll be in the threads this Friday (June 19). So if you have a Show HN in the pipe and were thinking of posting it soon, Friday is your chance to maybe get feedback from Kevin!

You can see the previous threads at https://news.ycombinator.com/threads?id=kevin.

It might work better to have an AMA-style thread where people can ask him to review their work in comments, more like the job threads. That way there's just one interesting new thread to upvote and read. Either way, this is a nice thing to do.

It was actually useful for me to see what other people thought and commented on in the threads (so I wouldn't spend time repeating stuff). Also, I'd still want people to get feedback from others on HN.

You can see a stream of my comments here: https://news.ycombinator.com/threads?id=kevin

Maybe we'll aggregate all of them in a thread at the end, but I'm with Dan on keeping it simple and reusing the format. It seemed to take me about 15-20 minutes do each one on average. The longest one took me about 35 minutes. I'll try to start around 10am Pacific and will go until I get tired.

Thanks everyone in advance!

Would appreciate an aggregated thread at the end, with common problems / solutions / general advice at the end. :)

We've been throwing around a similar idea of YC partners doing office hours on HN. But I love that this one happened spontaneously and just worked. It seems like a good idea to try it again and see how it goes.

This would enable linking to previous Show HNs and reader ranking of the review candidates.

This would make an interesting podcast. A couple of technologists from YC (or anywhere, really...) discussing the Show HN projects of the week.

I would LOVE this - it would be such a great way to jump into real world context for what's happening in startups. What hackers are working on seems better to me than discussing the latest funding news.

Let's not limit it to startup talk, though. Show HN should, in my opinion, have a strong bias towards personal software and hardware projects.

Is it acceptable to repost a recent (15 days ago) Show HN post in hopes of getting Kevin's feedback?

The usual rule applies here: if a story hasn't had much attention yet, a small number of reposts is ok.


Thanks for answering. I know there is some subjectivity.

Not too much! If you want an opinion on a specific link feel free to email us at hn@ycombinator.com. I have a feeling your repost would be fine but we can confirm that for you.

Looking forward to it. Can we re-submit multiple old Show HNs in hopes of seeing what he says?

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