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The position of the site admin [1] is:

>> Quote Originally Posted by Mike

>> Will will not publish any information in the FAQ just to keep this as low below "radar" as possible. Every exclusion request is handled manually and we will no comment or publish this process in public.

>> Quote Originally Posted by Mike

>> FR24 should work with authorities, and not against them. I think we will close this thread as there is nothing more to discuss. This is not about democracy or censorship, but about keeping our hobby alive without authorities enforcing new laws in order to limit ADS-B usage.

>> UPDATE. Maybe I was not clear when I posted this before. There is a discussion on FAA meetings about encrypting the ADS-B signal. By angering the authorities, we will only speed up this process.

This is very similar to the policy of many sites, to enforce "self censorship" by accepting polite take-down requests in order to avoid harsher consequences.

This is reasonable from the perspective of the site owner. Sometimes an acceptable loss is worthy to keep the most freedom intact.

On the other hand there is a chilling effect on speech, the fear it cause in others potential site and service creators who could give up instead of creating for fear of this kind of public drama.

[1] http://forum.flightradar24.com/threads/5217-Blocked-flights?...

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