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Sorry to be so critical, but this article really feels like it's trying to hard to make some elaborate point. It's seems kind of like a long bitching session about modern technology that somehow manages to blame everything on Apple (because that's a popular target, I guess). Or maybe it changes target halfway through - I don't know, after about 5 minutes of reading I started skimming.

I think the eventual point is that we are so busy with Apple's gadgets that we don't have the time to consider whether the world is going the way we want.

If so, again that's a cheap shot at Apple, who's hardly the main driver or benefactor of modern society's obsession with vacuous and constant entertainment over substance.

Apple didn't kill the revolution (if the revolution has indeed been killed). Society killed the revolution. We're heading for a Brave New World type society of sated indifference, and most people seem to be ok with that (even though a few vigorously disagree). That's hardly something to lay at Apple's feet.

At the end of the day, there are 3 main players molding a great deal of the tech world, and Apple is one of them.

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